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Gavin Hood is a famous filmmaker, screenwriter, producer, and an actor from South Africa. One of his films Tsotsi which was released in 2005 has also won the Academy Award for best foreign language film. Apart from that, he has directed some very famous movies like X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Ender’s Game, and Eye in the Sky. He is also regarded as one of the most respected directors in the Hollywood. He also has a habit of acting occasionally like in the movie In Enemy Hands, Stargate SG-1, American Kickboxer, Kickboxer 5, Ender’s Game, Eye in the Sky, and much more.

Gavin Hood was born on 12 May 1963 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Hood made his acting debut when he was commissioned to make educational dramas for the South African department of health. The first ever short film released by him was The Storekeeper in the year of 1998. His first ever feature film was A Reasonable Man which was released in 1999. He co-produced and wrote the whole script of A Reasonable Man. The movie focused on the portrayal of accidental killing of a young child. The movie was praised by critics. Hood then went to direct further and directed a polish language film In Desert and Wilderness in the year of 2001. Then came his most famous work, Tsotsi in the year of 2005 which won an Academy Award for best foreign language film. The movie was also nominated for a Golden Globe Award for best foreign language film in the year of 2006. His first Hollywood feature film was Rendition which was released in the year of 2007 for the New Line Cinema. Hood’s most notable Hollywood work was X-Men Origins: Wolverine which was based on a Marvel comic’s character of the same name and was starred by Hugh Jackman, who then reprised his role in all the X-Men films.

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Gavin Hood

Gavin Hood Personal Contact Details

Gavin Hood Residence Address: n/a

Gavin Hood Personal Phone Number: n/a

Gavin Hood Mobile Number: n/a

Gavin Hood Email Id: n/a

Gavin Hood Fax Number: n/a

Currently there are no personal contact details available for Gavin Hood.

Gavin Hood Office Contact Details

Gavin Hood Office Address: n/a

Gavin Hood Office Phone Number: n/a

Gavin Hood Office Fax Number: n/a

Gavin Hood Office Email Id: n/a

He currently does not run any official office. There are no details available as such now.

Gavin Hood Official Website: n/a

He does not operate any official website yet.

Social Profiles

Facebook Fan Page: n/a

Twitter Handle:

Instagram Handle: n/a

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He only uses twitter. All other accounts on other social media sites are fake other the twitter account mentioned here.

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  1. Hi sir pls am a young Ghanian film writer and I have a script which I believe if you work on it. It will be very good. Its a story about a tribe in my homeland which I believe you will be very interested in it is entitled “The Lost Prince and its an epic story.

    1. Hi. You should enter the annual Muse Awards in South Africa. There is a category for African writers. Also, try to join the Writers Guild of South Africa as it is planning a training event for writers from all over the continent for November 2019.

  2. Good Day

    I am a South African script writer and would like to establish communication with Mr Gavin Hood. I will appreciate if I can have a communication channel with him.

    Mr S E Makhaye

  3. Dear Mr wood I would like to ask you two please help me make a movie called the house party please sir would you help me make this movie there will be 6 people costing in the movie may you please rent us a apartment to use in the movie and may it please have furniture in it we will bring our own supplies and please would the movie be in Midrand or any place of your choice and please may I find out if 11 year olds can be 15 or 14 in the movie please sir and if we are allowed to do it thank you so much for your time Mr wood I really appreciate it if you help me make this movie I have already written a script for the movie thank you so much for your time and please can you write back as soon as you get this Sincerely yours andisiwe bandezi

  4. Mr. Hood I doubt you will ever read this and even if you do I doubt you would care but I felt you should know you did wonderfully in the making of ender but there were too many key points you missed and it was sadly noticable it’s not necessarily how you made enders game that made it fail you had good actors who had the reputation to get the movies name out along with a solid written series to back it up but there were multiple books for a reason I know you did what you thought was best but I just wanted to say my peace and I know I’m noone in your world but the average person could really help you in movie production if you do care there is a lot I would like to say that I believe would drastically improve your chances if you care to please get back to me I left my info please contact me if you aren’t just another bigwig out for the money.

  5. Good morning Mr Gavin Hood my name is Ntokozo Blessing Mgwaba (IKf,WAKO)SA champion kickboxer Iwould like to submit my movie in Holllywood title Peoples champ.

    in OScars awards .

    Matt J. Doyle Blog: Actor, Producer, Entrepreneur!: TAP S2, E2.2, YouTube Video Embed!

  6. Hi Mr Hood,I’m an Author that needs to project my book in to a film,and I believe that you are just the right person who could help
    My number is 0847121533

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