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Trevor Noah is a famous South African television host and also a comedian. Trevor is a well-known name in America as he has been the host of The Daily Show which was broadcasted on Comedy Central since the September of 2015. Noah initially started his career as an actor and standup comedian in South Africa and had several television hosting roles in South Africa and he was also the runner up in the fourth season of a dance show that goes by the name Strictly Come Dancing in the year of 2008. Then in the succeeding years, Noah created and hosted a show “Tonight with Trevor Noah” which was broadcasted on M-Net and DStv.

Trevor Noah was born on 20 February 1984 in the city of Johannesburg. He belongs to the Xhosa and Swiss German Ethnicity. He was born of an illegal relationship between his parents under the Apartheid. Due to this, his father moved back to Switzerland and Noah was raised by his mother and maternal grandmother. Noah converted to Judaism when he was 10 years old along with his mother. Noah used to attend Roman Catholic churches every Sunday and spent his school years in private school of Maryvale College in Johannesburg. His career started when he was 18 years old, he had a starring role on the South African opera Isidingo. From there he went on to hosting his own radio show Noah’s Ark on YFM. He then dropped everything and focused on comedy and has also performed with some famous South African comedians such as David Kau, Darren Simson, Kagiso Lediga, Riad Moosa, and many others.

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Trevor Noah

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  1. Request for Scholarship for our Daughter. South African born. Second Year Bachelor of Applied Science: Interior Architecture at Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia. My wife and I are Pensioners who used up the pesnion to pay for the 2nd year First Semester: Tuition R166 000, Accommodation Self Catering R42 000 + R40 000, Flight Tickets. We now face challenge to pay $16 300 (R163 000) 2nd Semester Tuition Fees and Pocket money R34 000 towards self catering. We used credit card to pay R40 500 for Accommodation. Please give us contact details of Trevour Noah Education Foundation

    1. The joke: in an add for the armed services i watched this evening they asked “do you have what it takes” Trump had one job to do at the 100th year mark as commander and chief… honer our dead. He could not even manage to do that, it was raining after all. The joke would be an add for a president who had what it takes…………….. This is a slight that can eliminate most of our armed forces support for this…….person……………… Next if the President says the stock market is going to crash, IT DOES. I have to remove my retirement $ tomorrow. ONLY because the prez says the democrats are about to destroy it (The stock market) by investigating “him” A lie like this can destroy our economy!!! What I am talking about, for me, is less then 100,000 dollars. in my retirement stock….. that small amount can keep me alive and feed for ten years. if i lose that i might as well shoot my self because I am to old to go back to work, I have no health care and at least if I killed my self my son would inherit
      something. …… least ‘he” would have a chance, Mr Trevor I’m done. I have spent 50 years of my life fighting against bullies and racists. Now That we have a president who is both The armed forces of the united states was trashed on veterans day by their commander in chief USE THAT and all he has left to support is is trailer trash

  2. Hi Mr.Trevor,
    Please read
    Is Trumph the one fulfilling this statement? Lets wait and see.
    More info on
    Excellent shows
    Greetings from Spain

  3. Would love to see mention of the irony of a five time draft dodger being critical of anyone’s patriotism.


  4. Trevor Noah has some nerve to come into MY country & rag on the President. Go back to Africa. One thing I did notice, every time he said something that was supposed to be funny. NO ONE in the audience laughed or clapped. The station had to put fake laughter & clapping. I have never watched him & never will. I have to deal with his voice during commercials, which I mute.

    1. The reality of your comment is quite Funny because if you really think about it(which I assume is Rather Hard For You) when you say MY country which country would you be wanting Trevor to leave Ireland Or the Native Americas which you now call usa?

  5. Would not the primary beneficiaries of the US policy of separating children from their families be the drug cartels?

  6. Hi Trevor, I would like to ask if you would be interested in assisting some fellow South Africans in implementing a global plan to heal the world 1 child at a time through a global humanitarian effort and competition.

  7. Trevor,

    This is what has been going around on the internet. I haven’t researched this, but it’s pretty interesting.

    Your thoughts?

    The Message of The Jacket:

    “I really don’t care” (“Me Ne Frego” in Italian) was the slogan of the Italian
    Arditi (World War I stormtroopers) who were early fascists that are credited
    with paving the way for the rise of Mussolini. Led by Gabriele D’Annunzio the Arditi conducted a nationalist uprising after WI and captured the city of
    Fiume, an event which provided the excuse for Mussolini to seize power.
    Both Mussolini and Hitler were big fans of D’Annunzlo.

    Melania Trump was born in Novo Mesto, a Slovenian city that was part of
    fascist ltaly, and later the Third Reich. You cannot turn around in Novo Mesto without bumping into some monument that reminds you of this history. The symbols and slogans are extremely important there. Melania went to school there, and she speaks Italian, there is simply no way that she is not aware of the history of this slogan.

    The slogan has resurfaced recently in Italy (along with the fascists – who just
    won an election in Italy). Steve Bannon. Sebastian Gorka, and Stephen
    Miller are all huge fans of the resurgent fascist movement in Italy.

    The company that makes the jacket In question is ZARA, a company that
    was written up in Forbes in 2014 for antisemitism. They also produce a
    “concentration camp” striped shirt with a yellow star, a swastika handbag,
    and a Pepe the Frog shirt.

    The message of the jacket could not be any clearer: Melania was telling us
    that the Trumps are fascists and she is tired of pretending otherwise.

    Barnet Love
    Portland, Oregon

  8. Saw you when you first came to America and went on TV. I loved you. I thought your were great. I didn’t even realize you had your own show until recently. Now, after hearing your name come up because of your political views – and what you spew out – I can tell you, I’m disappointed. Go back to South Africa and leave America to Americans. We have a right to dis our politicians…you don’t.

    1. Joseph P.
      Lightened up man. He makes a very good living telling jokes, (I wish I had his money) he’s a comedian for God’s sake. Just like Colbert, Kimmel, or Seth Meyers, he hates the idiot elect and rakes him over the coals every night. The idiot elect does it to himself with all the scandals in his life. I don’t know a single person that was happy with the embecile for what he did in Paris shunning WW2 veterans and then coming home and neglecting laying a wreath at Arlington Cemetery. The entire world was ashamed of his behavior. We’re you ok with that?
      Are you telling me that you’ve never disagreed with a other countries politics? Like Russia, where people just disappear forever, or China where they jail people for life that disagree with them. What about Korea? Just lighten up. Or don’t watch, turn the channel and poof it’s gone. Atleast he’s here making a great living, and paying taxes (contributing) instead of living off our social services like many Americans do.

  9. Hello Trevor ..keeping well I trust..
    Can you pls create script..from DSTVs ( on 132 CBS Reality,) Border Security / Airport customs
    I find it so hilarious when the culprits are busted smuggling illegal stuff , how they try (esp in foreign English) to deny or worm themselves out of the sticky situation they find themselves in.. especially women.

    You are the only comedian who can turn these episodes into a script. thus taking it to another hilarious. level !!

    Thanks in advance

    1. I was disgusted to learn that Noah endorses Bitcoin Formula which is a scam aimed at robbing the poor South Africans he professes to want to enrich

      1. You should not speak of things you clearly do not understand. And to criticize a good hearted man like Trevor Noah, you should be ashamed of yourself. Use your internet connection to educate yourself instead of making unwarranted, hateful comments. Once you have done your due diligence in informing yourself of your dissatisfaction of someone’s affiliations, you should have a productive conversation with whomever is in question and allow them to give you their reasons for their actions. Then you can come to some kind of resolution instead of foolishly leaving negative comments that point to ignorance. I hope this helps you enjoy life as you should. Aloha.

  10. Afternoon Sir. I have written a Script entitled THE NAKED WILL and its ready and polished. Maybe you were once in my shoes whereby you were this novice writer but every time you knock nobody opens. Please Sir help me. i can send you the synopsis of the script if you are interested. Thank you Sir.

  11. Good day Trevor

    just read about the trading platform that you are trading with, i am interested to be part of that, but due to being unemployed, i cannot come up with the capital amount, could you please help

  12. Trevor,
    Just try your jokes of the president of Africa where you belong. I bet you ass won’t do that hah?????
    So leave our president alone. It’s all about jealous over his success and wealth.
    Please focus on people like Hussein Obama my African friend.

    I bet you show will fail soon. I pray to god.

  13. Hi Trevor I just want to find out about your new trading platform I want to invest there but I don’t know how to go about it can you give me details please

  14. Trevor, all the expat South Africans love you.
    But you don’t understand tennis. Serena always loses control under pressure. It’s a tactic she uses and we were waiting for it to happen. What made it worse for her was that Osaka was beating her when she was playing well, using power and focus which is what Serena owned up until then.
    She spoilt this young girls moment in the sun selfishly.
    It had nothing to do with sexism, parenthood or any other possible injustice.
    Winston Churchill said that sport builds character, I think it reveals it.

  15. Hi Trevor, can you please contact me i have tried via Matt, Dereck, Rusch and Jill. All my may mails have bounced, thank you. regards Trevor (terry)

  16. Trevor, Ugandan Dictator Museveni has invited Kanye West and his wife Kardashian to coverup his impunity that is going on in Uganda after being exposed by a young Parliamentarian Bobi Wine who was tortured almost killed. If the Kardashians are promoting dictatorship their show should be pulled down.

  17. Good Day Mr Noah,

    You say that you left the entertainment business to help South African citizens to make money with Bitcoin.
    If you are really serious about this, can you please sponsor me with the fees needed to get started on this.
    I should be able to pay you back within 30 days because everybody claims that they make a lot of money with this system.
    I am a pensioner and only receive SASSA grant and struggle to survive and make ends meet. I tried to find a job but with no luck. I you decide to help me, I will not look back because from what people say on the internet about Bitcoin, you get a good return on your investment in a short period of time.
    Should you be serious to help other people I can pay the money “forward” to help somebody else to get going with this system

  18. Hey!
    The best comedian ever!
    My biggest dream is to meet this wise comedian!
    Is hard to believe that he’s recently living in US, I am African From Mozambique, too much close to SA!
    How i wish i could meet You Trevor Noah!
    my Father and I love you so much!
    I have some PCV friends and their parents brought me from america your book that i am lately reading and i am loving it, “born a crime”.
    I know Mozambique speak Portuguese not English, But how i wish you could come to my country some day!
    But i know that now that you’re working in us it will be very hard!
    You are my bigget inspiration in my English studyings! love you trevor

  19. God knows whether this will reach anyone. Hope so as my wife insisted I pass this on.
    I think you should start a new part of your format. It would be called “WHAT WOULD TRUMP SAY?
    I tried on my wife and some friends and we all ended up on the floor in stitches. Pick a situation, and come up with what you think Trump would say.

  20. I suffer from epilipsy but still play squash looking for R145000,00 as a battary has to be replaced had it in since 2007. Mr T Noah you can call me on 0797097410. Regards Jason Baker OLld Mutual Asset Managers

    1. LOFL! Association breeds assimilation…

      *Trevor, I have the answer for what ails the world. I would love to hear your opinion- good or bad. I believe you would be impressed. Hit me up to have that convo. Keep smiling.

  21. Mr Noah I am elated that you are coming to Louisville Kentucky next week Friday December 7th. My husband and I love comedy but I refuse to waste my time and spend money to attend any show that contains vulgar and obscene language. I am impressed by the articulate way you combine comedy and politics. I want to attend your show and I know it will be filled with humor. I would be very disappointed though if there is vulgarity and obscene language in your show. So far I have never heard any obscene language in your presentations. You are very intelligent and I know that you can present an amazing show minus offensive language. Can’t wait to see you in performance.

  22. Dear Trevor

    I am a 48 year old woman that worked most of my time in a corporate environment as working with people was a great passion of mine….so I thought, its actually working with children, to develop them, teach and train them and also to prepare them for the future.
    I want to become a teacher and I still have a lot of drive left in me, but this is where you come in….funding.
    I would like to know how I can apply for funding with your foundation so I can obtain my Teachers Degree to be able to add to our children of tomorrow

  23. Hi Trevor,I think it is time to distance yourself from Justine before he destroys your careen! If I were you I would not even let people know that you know this imbicile. Thank you!

  24. Ask Nancy to ask Trump to provide: Where along what section of the border does he want to build the wall, How long, How much does it cost per mile, Does he have bids on how much per mile the wall will cost, Does he have engineering plans or alternate plans, How high does he want the wall (and how high was he when he thought up this scam?), Who has he contacted the people in charge of border security as what they need?
    If he switches from wall to fence, he won’t need as much money to cover the same area.
    I worked for the City of Portland for 30 years. If I wanted a project I would have to answer these questions. The Council would not give me any funds untell these questions were answered.
    Thanks for taking this email and feel free to call me anytime.
    Lanny Afrank, retired
    [email protected]

    Trump, beware of the Ides of March…et to Mitch

  25. Find your shows just so wonderful and accurate . Its Genocide in Canada of the First Nations and Canadians say they are peace loving. Eh?

    M Tharakan

  26. Hi Trevor,
    I heard that you love biltong so next time you are in Los Angeles you can get the BEST biltong ever at the European Delux Sausage Kitchen. 9109 West Olympic Blvd Beverly Hills 90212
    e mail: [email protected]
    You can also get SA chocolates and other products

  27. Hi T you are awesome, l am saving money to trade and help some very poor people, to show them how to make money using your trading platform, is BITCOIN REVOLUTION the platform Thanks

  28. This is for Trevor. I want to be different. I am your counrty girl in uk. Am very very struggling. Can you please give me help? With my accounts. I have tried it all. I am now at the end my tether. Please help. Thanks

  29. Good day Trevor,
    I know what a good samaritan you are and you are always helping desperate people.
    I was in the Construction and Consulting field and now my contract has been terminated.I am sitting with a load of debt on my shoulder.I will really appreciate if you can help me. I am South African and my contact detail is 0661476692.
    Thank you

  30. Hi Trevor,
    I’m not in your demographic audience, I’m 82, but I watch you every night. Love what you did last night about pedophiles. I’ve written three comedy/dramas on the subject. Thank you for being brave enough to touch the subject, not once, but four times. I feel if these dudes lost their junk, pedophilia would end yesterday. My novels star two church ladies with tilted and tarnished halos. They have a posse of six, who help them rid their neighborhood, one Chester the Molester at a time – they do it with surgical precision. As a former mayor and grand juror, I knew I had to do something about this problem. I’m not a comedian, so I can’t do it with comedy. Thus, as a novelist, I do it through fiction. Off with their heads! And I use the church as a front! My latest is Sister Samms and Sister Johnson, Snip, Snip, Snip! Please don’t shy away from the tough issues and this ugly subject!

  31. Love Trevor, funny as hell! The only thing that gets me and my friends laughing our butts off, is that when he announces at the beginning of The Daily Show who his guest will be later on in the show, he stretches his arm to an empty doorway or opening, and nobody comes out (because the guest is in the green room waiting for his/her turn on the show.)
    It never ceases to be funny, to name a guest, point to a door, and ta da…….nothing.
    Are we the only ones who wonder why he does this? We have money riding on a bet (if more or fewer people think this is weird.)

  32. Hi Trevor, I am 63 years old, working part time on a commission only basis. Sometimes, my take home pay is between R3,000.00 and R4,000.00 per month which is minimal considering that I spend R1,000.00 per month on travelling. I am not asking for a handout, but would like more information about trading on bitcoin from home. I currently do not have a computer, but will try to purchase one on account. Please advise re: procedure, etc. By the way, please go on entertaining us. You are the best!

  33. Hi tractor why don’t you talk about us Eritrea’s in 21 century we are still slaves for dictator self appointed president. Just google it find out the truth.
    Please talk about us at list make fun of Isayas Afewerki
    Thank you my hiro

  34. When do people take responsibility for lack of progress north south war to end slaverery vote in S A to free Mandela education is the equiliser not Colours cultures are different catch up and decide old school or westernized
    Do you want progress or not some like living off the grid others don’t education helps make the decision can I be liable for Jan van Reebecks faults 😳🤓

  35. Assalamaleikum. I’m a 33years old lady who loves you dearly. I know you get a lot of these but wanted to say thank you so much for the book it has changed my life and my point of view how I picture my world. You have encourage me to be more confident and stand for my self and not taking any No’s for an answer in a good way though. As now I’m in Saudi Arabia working my contravmct ends next year in Sept hopping to go back home safely so I can emberk on my new journey. Thank you so much. Love you always.

  36. Hi Trevor, as an African I’m so proud of who you are and what you have accomplished. I’m from Eritrea and we have a dictator who’s destroying our country. Please look into it and help the Eritrean people by supporting us on your show. I’m sure you will find a lot to talk about. Thank you for being you and keep up the good work.

  37. I am a 63 year old pensioner and highly . I untimely lost my job after working for Non Profit Organisations for nearly 40 years focusing mainly of helping Domestic Violence & Abuse victims and their families. I now only receive basic survival allowance NOT enough to cover ALL my debts. I struggle to survive and make ends meet. I tried to find atleast a drivers job(because of my age) but with no luck. I wonder if you can be generous enough to help me with whatever amount to help eliminate some of my debts my little monthly allowance is not enough to keep up with my monthly payments. I am even now blacklisted. Hope my plea with touch some nerves in your GOOD HEART.

  38. Good morning. just trying to reach out to Trevor Noah. My daughter is about to turn 15 and a straight A student with big dreams to get out of the monotone life our family has had. She wants to become someone important and successful. When her teacher asked who is her role model in life she said first is my father who never has quit and tries, no matter what, to give us all we need. yes i felt proud. But then she said I would like to point out though that there is someone who inspires me to go on and take the pain of growing up and take the hurt of fails to later turn them around and help me be successful. So when the teacher asked who she said “TREVOR NOAH”. The teacher said “the comedian?” “why?”. my daughter said “I live with my loving parents both Hispanics (no controversy there), we dont have for extras but we have what we need, we live in the farthest southern part of the U.S. only a river 1/4 of a mile south of my house and you are in Mexico, you can say we are all Mexicans (well according to the way they treat Hispanics here). But we are living good here and we like it here.” So the teacher interrupts saying “so what does all this have to do with Trevor?” to which my daughter responded “He had it worse and he has achieved so much!” “If you knew Trevor like I know Trevor he would be your role model too!”
    I just wanted to share this with you and ask how it could be possible for my daughter to receive a letter from Trevor wishing her a happy Birthday. She will turn 15 On November. We are a low income family and we can only wish to buy tickets to one of your shows or stand up performances but it would mean a lot if she would receive a little something to let her know that word gets around and hope is still out there and dreams can be realized by hard work and dedication. If possible and if i need to send anything to make that letter happen please tell me how or what. Her name is Alondra Muñoz currently 14 yrs old attends Idea Academy and was top 5 in her grade level for the past 3 yrs. The address is 4105 Wescan Lane Mission, TX 78572. Thank you before hand and please inform me what i need to do to make it happen.

  39. Hi everyone across the world I’m leaving this comment in the hope that we could be saved from our selfs, I have no money I want no fame I want to save my country and want to stop all the fighting among everyone in South Africa race factor has returned and the government is corrupt we need to let the terrors of Africa reveal it self,we need all the help the once great countries of the world can offer like the everyone that was protesting before Nelson Mandela’s was set free , we need your help and support I was not born during apartheid my brothers and sisters are suffering due to poverty and corruption in this country help us please help our children help our future leaders understand the importance of life and loyalty to peace help us Trevor Noah you come from our crumbling world you can help us make the world see the pain and suffering of this land help support us turn the eyes of the world to the problems around them so that everyone can work together to make the world a better place not for me or you but the next generation of leaders and the generation after that till end of time

  40. I just wanted to say thank you! I enjoy your show very much and always look forward to watching. Although your topics are usually of a serious nature your humor highlights how ridiculous people in our society behave (most notably potus the clown) and helps me feel im not alone when i think “wtf is going on has everyone lost there minds ?” Keep on doing what you do….and well keep on watching!

  41. Good Evening Trevor Noah. I am from South Africa Cape Town. I wentbon to the bitcoin website but never wanted to invest because i was so afraid of loosing my money as i am unemployed. The 11th of September i recieved a call from a female saying she’s from bitcoin and if i would like to invest money. I decided to invest R4000 as i am unemployed. She asked me to do the transaction with my bank app on the my phone asked me for my card number and that someone will call me back to explain to me how trading works. Nobody called me but after a couple of days i got a call again this time from a guy asking me to invest R3000 more and i refused. The company is called CFRESERVE. I lost my money because it was all a scam. Never ever heard from them again. Kariema Harrison nmbr 0792626313

  42. Dear Trevor,
    Firstly I would like to say how awesome you are and I am a very big fan of yours. On the 1 August 2019 I commented on one of your pics on facebook and I then received a message from you on messenger i really couldnt believe that it could be you but anyway I played along. I am sure there is someone impersonating you and he even gave me his cell no for whatsapp we have been in contact on whatsaap, please can you contact me as i would like to report this person going around acting like he is you urgently as this just isnt right. Sandra Bayley from Botswana, Africa my contact +267 71581603

  43. I enjoy your show and your political perspective. I wonder if you would ever consider booking Ira Newble? He has a very interesting and truly compassionate interest in Saharan Africa. You can read about him on the internet – Former NBA Player Ira Newble’s African Journey by Branson Wright. I think the two of you would like each other and I know you both could enlighten us. Thank you for reading this, Jack Muirhead

  44. I would like Trevor Noah to know that I am one of his admirers. Whenever I am having a bad day, listening to Trevor whether it’s his daily show or his stand UPS just brightens up my day.. thank you for that!

  45. Hi,
    I have just read Trevor Noah’s book”Born a Crime’. I am a white woman in her 60’s, born in South Africa but brought up in Zimbabwe. The book has opened my eyes in many ways, and I would like to discuss the impact it has had on me. I run a trust called The Yellow Bus Trust, which has a Facebook page, so you can check up on me, and see I am not troll!
    Regards, Vikki

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